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Chameleone And Pallaso Almost Fight Over Performance In Rwanda

If there is any family in the entertainment industry that is unpredictable, it is the Mayanja family that boasts of artistes Jose Chameleone, Weasel Manizo and Pallaso.

The three have been around long enough that we expect then to know how to make it in this business and how beef is no longer necessary but last weekend, the three brothers almost fought in Rwanda where they had a performance.

 The three were booked to perform at Dj Pius’ 2 day ‘Iwachu’ Album Launch concert and like it is always, the big artiste performs last while the less prominent start off. It was Pallaso who took to the stage to perform first but his energetic performance was so impressive that the audience started shouting and dancing along to his songs.

On seeing that the self-proclaimed ‘King Of The East’ was stealing the show, Chameleone went and told the organizers that he wanted to sing at that particular moment. The promoter explained to him that already the plan was to have him sing at last but he refused and even went and disrupted his brother’s performances. They changed the programme and let him perform but Pallaso didn’t take it lightly.

On returning home he went straight to his social media and stinged his brother.

“Thank you Rwanda.We are the future. Being Legendary is something you should let the fans decide. I am blessed by God beyond borders and limits. Our time is now forget old Days,” he wrote.

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