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Pallaso Apologizes To Jose Chameleone, Radio And Weasel

Pallaso who was recently involved in a physical altercation with someone has come out and apologized to his family, friends and fans for misrepresenting them.


The singer showed he’s a better man as he found it within himself to apologize. In a statement released, he said;

Okay the day is now Sunday and Imma consider it a new day & a new beginning !! Alot has been said & done but change has to start some where !! Dr Jose Chameleone I am taking down the Karamaji post as a sign to initiate peace & I only attacked you because you attacked me too on face book more especially in times i felt like I needed you the most when I have always been here for you & still will continue to be because we are family !! I hope you have the strength to forgive me because I have personally forgiven you for all you have done as well & as a sign of initiating peace I choose to take all the Karamaji pictures & post down & I hope you also have the courage to take yours down as well if not then thats still fine but the burden is not mine any more but I would rather prevail with peace. To Radio & Weasel we were always brothers before the money & the fame & we still will be even after it vanishes so i wanna use this chance to say I am genuinely sorry for all that I did wrong to you guys and I also choose to forgive you for all that you ever did wrong to me and I hope you all have the courage to initiate accept peace between us and we all continue to do happy music.To the fans & my family I wanna say I apologize for misrepresenting you after i fought with a guy that attacked me because I know there are people that look highly up on me & see me as a much better person & expect me to have done better than fighting back, I wanna genuinely apologize for any of my actions that painted a different slide for you & this incident made me realize how much everything I do effects the people around me. To my fans that stood by me…I wanna thank you so much because i needed your love the most in this very hard time & I wanna apologize to you too for adding to your grief and keeping you on guard to fight for me & protect me and to My parents I wanna thank you for sticking with me through out every one of my worst days !! I promise to make every effort to manage my decision making better & more positively the next time around !! I wish me & my brothers can all find peace once again but that is not a decision I can alone make but if that fails at least I know I made the right decision to seek peace & just never found it !! Life goes on & I now choose to clear my soul & my path by focusing greatly on the most valuable things which is my family, My fans & my music !! ” Who ever attacks you does it without my consent” ISAIAH 53 , 15′

We only hope his brothers forgive him as well.

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