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Pallaso Defends Chameleone’s Idea Of Relocating To Kenya

Say blood is thicker than water and last evening, Pius Mayanja commonly known as Pallaso confirmed the statement as he explained why it was right for Chameleone to say he wanted to relocate to Kenya while being hosted on one of the radio stations last evening.

The artiste said since Chameleon began his career in Kenya, he still has a belonging and bond there and Kenyans love him like he’s their own.

Pallaso supports his brothers idea of relocating to Kenya

Pallaso supports his brothers idea of relocating to Kenya

“Kenya has been Chameleon’s second home since he started his music career there, they love him like we do and since he mostly sings in Swahili, which is the most spoken language over there, I support him to relocate,” he said.

Pallaso also explained the reason why he named his upcoming concert Twatoba saying it’s not all about him but those people he struggled with in his life and music career.

 “I decided to name the concert Twatoba because of my struggles. When I had just come back from the states, Things didn’t go the direction I was expecting them to. Media was attacking me, fellow artistes were provoking me and I was lost but during those trying moments, I got to learn more about the music industry. I started moving with a group of people who would stop others from provoking me; I knew who to work with and who to trust and it’s because of these people who helped me through the struggle that I decided to name the concert Twatoba. And besides, not many Ugandan videos get the chance to be played on Trace and MTV like Twatoba. It’s a massive hit all over Africa.”

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