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Pallaso Explains The Birth Of His Twatoba Song Featuring Davido

The long anticipated video featuring Uganda’s Pallaso and Nigeria’s Davido was released yesterday and premiered at NTV’s the Beat but the Team No Sleep artist explained how they both cooked up the song in such a short time and why him specifically and not any other Ugandan artist.

Pallaso and Davido on set of their twatoba song

Pallaso and Davido on set of their twatoba song

“Davido knew about me from my Facebook posts when I dissed Wizkid. They don’t get along so when he came to Uganda, we linked up and hit the studio and I thought that was it but immediately he’s show was done, Davido called me up and asked for my opinion on where we should have the video shoot from, either in Nigeria or here and because I knew Uganda has pretty good video directors so we decided to shoot it from here.” Pallaso explained.

The “Mugongo” artist also explained that he hasn’t quit Team No Sleep as rumors had suggested.

“Rumor has been going on that I left Team No Sleep but it’s also news to me. I’m still an active member with TNS, maybe because people see me hanging a lot with Chameleon so they thought I had joined Leone Island but Chameleon is my big brother and we usually hang out together after we sorted out our differences.”

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