Pastor Bugembe’s Touching Women’s Day Message Will Leave You Inspired

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Today the 8th of March once again marks the international women’s day and in a special way, Chano8 joins the rest of the world to say ‘happy women’s day’ to all the women in Uganda and the world at large.

Social media is currently on fire with people passing the ‘happy women’s day ‘ messages to their mothers, friends and wives on this special day which also doubles as a public holiday in many countries all over the world.

 Talking about sharing ‘happy women’s day’ messages, we found Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s which was dedicated to his grandmother interesting and touching at that. Not like his message is much different from other people’s but the inspiring words he wrote is something we could let pass unnoticed.

Did you even know that Bugembe’s grandmother played a very big role in getting him to embrace salvation? May be if she wasn’t there, the ‘Kani’ singer wouldn’t be saved, meaning  that he wouldn’t be a pastor too.

“Meet my Jajja….I looooooooove this great lady.

She taught me how read the Bible…and how to interpret it.

She’s ma hero today!

3 lessons from my jajja:

She once taught me,
1)”Never let the devil steal the secret of prayer from you”

2)If you want to kill a rat , you find what it likes most and then put poison on it-then you will kill it quickly.

The same way Satan kills people -he finds what they like most and traps them. If you like money, fame , women , too much honor from people etc, he will trap you using what you like most-so be sober!

3) We might be poor but we don’t steal!” Read Part of Bugembe’s Facebook post

On top of this, Bugembe who the owner of Light The World Church located in Nansana confessed how his grandmother instilled a message in his brains that Jesus is everything and without Him we are nothing which has really guided him through the years.

“Happy women’s day to all the great women out there especially those who love Christ without hiding it And to those who help widows and suffering children. Please help me thank my jajja” He added.

It must remembered that pastor Bugembe lost six of his family members who included both parents, brothers and sisters to HIV/AIDS and he went to streets where he first suffered for years until he gave his life to Christ  and like they say, the rest is just history.



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