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Patrick Salvado Gets Emotional About His One Man Show

With the first ever man from Ombokolo show happening tomorrow, several fans can’t help but excited about witnessing history in the making.

According to his manager Johnson Mujungu, Patrick Salvado is nervous, but also excited about the logical step he’s taking.

Patrick Salvado expected to be a major success.

Patrick Salvado expected to be a major success.

‘To be honest, I am nervous….But like I said, this is the logical next step to take, and so, I am excited about it as well. The truth is whether this show is a success or not, the bottom line is, it will mark a turning point in the comedy industry in Uganda, setting a new bar, which is why I decided to have it at the Serena. A comedian can have a one- man show anywhere, but I chose the Serena to make the statement that this is the level that comedy needs to progress to,’ Salvado said.

The man from Ombokolo show has received massive backing and praise from Comedy Central Africa, Nigeria’s Basketmouth and Bebe Cool among others. The after party of the show is believed to be at Liquid Silk tomorrow.

The show which is sponsored by Mirinda is definitely one that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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