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Photos: Jose Chameleone’s Wife Daniella Enjoys Holiday With Son Abba

Dr Jose Chameleone has posted beautiful photos of his wife Daniella Atim while having a blast on holiday in Dubai with birthday boy Abba Marcus Mayanja. Chameleone shared the photos with his fans with the following message;

“No matter the weather we are birds of a feather. Love is the magic that binds us together. When we took vows they thought we did it for them. Hell no! It was for us and our descendants. I Love you forever until death do us apart- Enjoy your holiday my love.”


This comes after Chameleone’s private life dominating tabloids and some sections of social media especially stories to do with Chameleoen impregnating his Ex girl friend a one Annet. Apparently Annet claims she’s tight with Chameleone which is said to have irked Da niella who demanded an explanation and threatened to leave for good. However Chameleone posted this message to tell his critics off.


“We are here to fulfill prophecies and we must be a testimony of God love. It’s pitiful that we have failed to learn to big up our own selves and instead stand high to disregard one another that’s the reason why Journalists are getting engaged with Artistes like you all know. I want to Clarify to where so ever the source is that Me and my Darling wife are a match made in Heaven and guarded by the Angels. Jealousy, hateful and envious ones please,Stuff your rubbish back into your mouth”.



Chameleone had to come up with a response on a short video recording in which he tells hater to go and hung and advised journalists to be professional in the work. He referred to Daniella as his ‘property’ which should be left alone.

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