Photos: When DJs ‘Dressed To Kill ‘During The Launch Of Their Association

All Photos by Roy Ruva Collins

Monday will go down into the history lane as a memorable day for DJs mostly because it was the day their association – The DJs Association of Uganda was launched and also because the DJ surprised other guests and journalists by turning up in unusual style in very fancy and ‘classy’ dress code not associated with DJs.

Well the invitation to the event at Imperial Royal Hotel may have dictated that, but how often do you get to see Ugandan DJs or DJs around the world for that matter dressed in tuxedos or glowing evening gowns?

And who best to lead by example, no other than the chief guest Capt. Mike Mukula (a DJ himself) who turned up in long sleeved silver shirt with black floral prints, black pants and black shoes. He looked elegant and comfortable in the outfits that looked specially tailored just for the event.


Capta. Mike Mukula with the ladies.

Veteran DJ Alberto also showed the world that DJs can be smart in suit while his colleague co-founder Joseph Katamba took it to another level with a glittering Hollywood look. But it was the female DJs who stole the show in the fashion department right from veteran DJ Rachael to the youngest DJ Lola who stunned the rest with an angelic white fitting evening gown with open shoulders that gave that ‘extra sexy’ look. Her male colleagues and some journalists could be seen stealing glances at her future which looked great from behind.

We are not going to spoil it for you as we have the photos for you to judge for your selves;

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