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Producer Benon Mugumbya On What It Takes To Have A Hit Song

Benon Mugumbya recently talked about what it takes to have a hit song.

For those that did not know who Benon Mugumbya is then you either live under a rock or just hate Ugandan music. He is the producers behind monster hits from artistes like Irene Ntale, Juliana, Desire, Radio and Weasel, Navio, Bebe Cool, Maro, Vampino and many more. Before then you must remember him from the his duo as ‘Benon and Vamposs’.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the 34 year old said,

‘To tell you the truth, there is no formula for a hit. I can’t tell you this is a good song, but not every good song is going to be a hit and a hit is not always a good song either. A hit these days should be simple, catchy and catchy. Sometimes a song is a hit because of the frequency at which it is played.’

Benon Mugumbya on what it takes to have a hit song

Benon Mugumbya on what it takes to have a hit song

If that wasn’t the producer also talked the challenges he faces as an artist,

‘As an artist the biggest challenge is putting a price tag to what we do. For most people and listeners it is just entertainment, it should free, but when you come down to it making music is hard and expensive especially these days. By the time a song reaches the masses the artist has spent so much.’

To know about other topics the star discussed, check out the chano8 July issue here.

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