Recipe Books: To Do Or Do Away With Them?

By Pauline Bangirana

Ever thought of going for cooking lessons or possibly coming up with a ‘Cook Book’ of your own?

Well I have watched movies and there is this traditional cook book or rather guide of recipes passed down from a thousand generations. I mean the Kardashians boast of a famous traditional dish, even the famous chefs; Cake Boss’ Buddy Vastro always says he makes cakes using some, if not recipes from his father who got them from his father who also got them from the father and the blah blah blah…

It goes on. But who are we kidding any way. Cooking is very mysterious… even when you follow someone’s recipe to the dot, it just never comes out right. (I actually wonder why)

Well back to my topic, which is coming up with a cookbook of recipes. I have tried and failed but one thing is for sure – experience sure is the best teacher.

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I have over the years mastered the art of making a fine dish no matter how basic it is… Why? because I try to do it over and over again. Even sausages do not taste the same even when they are the same kind or even viennas that just need boiling.

After all the blubbering, what is my point? Forget about the recipes or basic guides… Just do something over and over again. After a number of attempts, you will be as good as that chef you so droll over because of the food he makes and how tasty it is. Presentation! No worries, it will come with time. It is allowed to get messy before it arrives to perfection.2

I love cooking and how am I nurturing this love? I am on food groups and I watch cooking shows because I know with time, I will get there. So do not stress over a failed recipe or something like that. After all, you never drove after one lesson. So no hustle just relax and always do everything with love (passion) even if you are trying it out for the first time.

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