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Review: Mirrors Event

For a show like the mirrors, most people always wonder the same thing, why is Action Aid is sponsoring a show. Well, mirrors is basically a show that helps to reignite hope in the younger generation. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better education, hope for a violent free environment, be the change you want to see in the world.

Mirrors is more than just a show, it’s the message that they are trying to put out there and it’s no wonder big organizations like Action Aid, Wakefield, Ikwang, Dream Initiative, Uganda Youth Network and Silk Events among others came on board to sponsor this event.

Due to the heavy rains yesterday, the show, unfortunately, didn’t pull a major crowd, but due to God’s will it still turned out to be amazing as several fans indulged in spray painting while others were just enjoying the performances that were being put on by the several artists who presented.


St. Nelly Sade, Ruyonga, Sam Kimera and Benezeri were the highlights of the show and neither disappointed. St. Nelly Sade treated fans to incredible Luga flow vibes as he emphasized the hope message, keep your head raised. Ruyonga, Sam Kimera and Benezeri performed their Happy To Be song which they started off by singing the national anthem and when that was done, the roof was brought down with their flawless performance and it wasn’t a surprise that threw our hands in the air and waved like we just didn’t care.

Benezeri (in blue), Sam Kimera and Ruyonga (in white)

Benezeri (in blue), Sam Kimera and Ruyonga (in white)

With that said always dare to dream and don’t lose hope.


Ruyonga performs muhuliire


Sam Kimera

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