REVIEW: Music Duo Murder Muzik Cries Out For Love New Song ‘I Love You’

A few years back, singers Isaac Kyeyune and Simon with stages names Eyezark Khan and Simo known as Murder Muzik made a surprise break through into the music industry. With no much history on them, the dynamic duo relied on hard work and persistence something that has seen them through.  At one time, the duo was tipped to replace music duo of  Mowzey Radio and Weasel.

Well, all that aside, the duo has added on a mega tune titled ‘I Love You’ on their songs. It  is already doing well on local TV and Radio air waves and what makes the song unique is the art of creativity the boys put in.

It is simply a love song that started from a dream. The singers narrate how painful it can be a when a dream fails to turn into reality. They end up using the same lines in the dream to hook up their loved ones.

However, despite this great audio out there, Ugandans are perhaps waiting for a video!. According to singing duo, the video is coming up soon. .

 About the song

‘ I Love You’ song opens with a moving and touching message. Eyezark sings “I was sleeping in the middle of the night and got a dream when I am with you on the boat in the middle of the lake smiling and enjoying ourselves. When I woke up and realized it was a dream, I felt bad but baby. But I have decided to get the dream into reality. I want to tell you these three little words I love you… Only those three little words. I love you”

The love lines in the chorus are so convincing that no cold blooded girl can fail to fall for them. Simo comes in and says ‘Kindly allow and believe those three little words to you.. They are only three girl.. ‘I love you’

The love story goes deeper and deeper in the 2nd verse as Eyezark adds on saying “Baby I have never met a beautiful girl like you. You are just a princess and I would love to be your prince”

It goes on and on, Eyezark expresses his fear in case he is rejected ‘I am afraid in case you reject me and I see other people take you away. It will be doomed. It will pain me. That’s why you see me being persistent and win you baby’ before Simo begs the girl to allow and let the three little words sink in her heart ‘Please allow the three little words baby. I love you, I love you’


For any music fan, he or she can feel the reality from the lyrics the duo cries out for in this emotional piece.  The song is not only a testimony of persistence for love but also but also a powerful message to the duo’s naysayers. Thi

The song was recorded and Produced by Nessim.

Listen to audio here



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