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Rich Gang Members May Land In Trouble Over ‘Burying’ Money

Ivan Semwanga is no more after his burial yesterday at Nakaliro village in Kayunga district. However, according to sources, the classic burial that had the Rich Gang members popping Champagne and throwing money into the grave has put them into trouble with government.

The latest we are getting is that the Rich gang has been sued by a one Tugume Gideon from Human Rights Defenders Association Uganda of the act and petitioned the Ugandan government for their action in high court.

It is said that, the legal tender of Uganda should be respected but the Ugandans who are based in South Africa, apparently handled it carelessly and are to be questioned and the grave dismantled.

The grave with money thrown in by members of Rich Gang 

A case has reportedly been opened against them in the courts of law and they have to explain themselves why they had to treat the Ugandan currency in such a manner. A source also tells Chano8 that indeed the laws of Uganda prohibit one from destroying or burying legal tender.

We know the Rich Gang promised to do that a few days ago to give one of their own a decent send-off and they lived up to their promise.

Mourners in Namirembe cathedral

This was the highlight of the burial as more than ten Rich Gang members surrounded the grave and started throwing 10 and 20k notes into the casket as a farewell to the deceased.

We will keep you informed in case of any confirmation as regards this or any related story.

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