Rogatien Milord Preaches Word Of Trust To Youth

When Ugandan based Congolese singe Rogatien Milord talked to Chano8 a few months back about his dream to take his music career to the next level, we knew he was serious and up to something just from the tone of his voice.

He has since stayed focused and is working tirelessly to release his new album which he hopes will make him break into the Ugandan and regional music scene or even take him international. This mission kicked off with the release of his recent project’ TRUST’ an inspirational song (just like many of his other projects) which he premiered a couple of weeks ago.

“Trust, is the song I always use as a Motivation for quite number of people and most especially the Youth.  I wrote it, a few years ago, and it’s the Main title of my soon to be released album. This song is a result of my personal experience in life which is a bit like my other song ‘Redemption’.” He told in an exclusive chat.

Rogatien performs alongside colleague Charmant Mushaga in a previous show.   

“Personally, I grew up in situations where I couldn’t think of seeing any breakthrough around.
However, what I got to learn in every single situation of my life is that: “the way to greatness is not easy, and never will it be. It’s rough, tough and full of barriers. But the only way to master it, is to keep moving forward and not giving up in every circumstance”
He added.

Rogatien had a double launch and official premiere for the song on 14th May at Kampala Parents for the students and youth where he performed some of his songs and shared his personal stories and experience to motivate and inspire them. He later had another at Royal Suites Hotel in Bugolobi where he had networking sessions and chatted a future with friends and fans.

Rogatien’s TRUST launch at City Parents School

“I always tell the young ones, just like I did during the launch of the Music Video that, we won’t necessarily be put in a good position to make a good decision because the rewards in life are related to the fights and hard times we go through”.

The Trust Video shot at Crystal Clear and the song which is in a soft Afro-Jazz flow was launched and premiered on the 14th May in a double acoustic performance, In Kampala and on the same day it was presented on several broadcasting channels around Africa. His album TRUST will be available on Media & Streaming platforms soon.

Rogatiens video launch at Royal Suites Hotel in Bugolobi

Rogatien Milord is a young Congolese artiste (Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist), from Goma in Eastern Congo. He is now based in Uganda as a performing artiste. His solo carrier started in since 2014 and has performed on different musical scenes in and out of Uganda alongside many well known artists.The promotion is still going on, and the full video is available on YouTube from the link below.

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