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Ruyonga,The Mith, Lilian and Joe Kahiri Sing Love In New Collabo Song

‘Ndakwikundira’ is one of the tracks Brian McKenzie, a radio and TV personality is recording for his Album dubbed ‘Rude Boy Music’. Ndakwikunira, a Kinyarwanda language word simply meaning ‘I love you for myself’ is a song that was produced and released recently by producer Samurae of Talent Africa.


Bryan Kella McKenzie

The Mith begins the song in the first verse and he sings praising the girl saying that he wants to be honest to her on how she is his present and the future. He also goes ahead to say that the girl has gotten his focus high because of the love he has for the girl, her angel looks and ways.


Klear Kut’s The Mith

Lilian comes in the second verse singing in Kinyarwanda but mixes in some English, she confesses how she wants to be with the man all her life and how she loves his ways too. Ruyonga then follows in the third verse singing that the girl rocks his world and how the girl is a fashion killer. He also asks whether the girl is born with Rihanna or Nicki Minaj.

lilian use

Lilian Mbabazi



Qwela Band’s Joe Kahiri concludes the song singing that what would he give the girl apart from his love, he also says he wants to be the man to be with her for the rest of her life.


Qwela Band’s Joe Kahiri

We called Bryan McKenzie for a comment but he couldn’t pick up his phone but however, we called Joe Kahiri one of the artistes featuring on the song and this is what he had to say.

“Basically the whole thing was put together by McKenzie and he is bringing different artistes together on different tracks. He sent me a sample and told me to come up with something and I was like sure. The rest did their parts. We went to studio wit Samurae and it was a fun experience and they are nice people to hang around with”.

Listen To ‘Ndakwikundira’ by The Mith, Lilian, Ruyonga and Joe Kahiri

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