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Sheebah Fires Back At Fallen Dad “You Abandoned Me When I Was Young”

Just 5 days after Sheebah Karungi’s dad was buried in her absence, she has finally come up to explain what happened between her and her dad and why she should not be blamed since she was only just a child.

Before his death, Hamada Musoke had made a vow and asked family members not to allow the  Musician to attend his burial. The father went ahead to throw curses on the young girl and urged all the family members not to corporate with her even when he is dead.

 In a coded message using her Facebook page, Sheebah blamed her dad who refused to give her care when she was young, didn’t love her and didn’t show her affection as a young child.

The message also contained words directed to fathers who do not care about their children when they are young that they will one day regret those moments, the ‘Birthdays and Holidays’ they didn’t celebrate with the young ones.

She concluded by saying that she should not be the one to blame since she was only young, had no choice or say on what was happening and therefore her dad should be responsible for his actions.

She also defended her mother for the mistakes in the past. Sheeba revealed that her mother has been there for her for all her life and no one deserves to pin her.

Here is her message;

“One Day You Will Be Alone And Regret Not Being There.
You Will Regret The Birthdays & Holidays Missed.
You Will Regret Not Watching Her Grow Up And 
Being In Her Life.
You Will Regret Everything You Did And By Then It Will Be Too Late…
And It Will NEVER BE Her Fault Cause She Was Just A Child. She Didn’t Choose The Complex”



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