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Sheilah Gashumba Bashes Critics Making Fun Of Her Over Getting Beaten

Although we weren’t there to see beating with our own eyes, it was and is still in the news that motor-mouthed Frank Gashumba recently beat up his very own celebrity daughter Sheilah Gashumba, in the name of disciplining her 

In Gashumba’s explanation, he said that of late, his daughter has of recent been involved in acts of indiscipline and this is what prompted him to beat her up all in the name of putting her on the right track

A section of the public especially Sheilah’s friends plus those who follow her on social media platforms have come out to critisize Frank’s actions claiming that he should allow his daughter to live a free life. However, the majority have taken this whole incident as fun saying that Frank Gashumba was right to punish his daughter a thing that didn’t amuse the young TV presenter who in reaction said ‘they just need help

People will justify violence until someone dies and they post ‘Rest in Peace’ !! Y’all need help” Read Sheilah Gashumba’s tweet which was aimed at her critics who have taken the fact that her father beat her up to another level

In reply to the public’s reaction over beating Sheilah Gashumba, Frank Gashumba explained sayingMy number one duty and assignment is to protect, guide and defend her from Kawukumi(weevils). Being a single parent teaches you a lot about parenthood that many people won’t understand. I am a very patient person & I give plenty of second chances, but I am no saint! However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my limits. There’s a time to be a sweet daddy and there time to be tough”


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