Spice Diana, Feffe Bussi And Pallaso Close The Fused Eco Fest Carnival In Style

After three days of nonstop partying, the Fused Eco Fest Carnival, aimed at celebrating the Munyoyo-based Fusion Auto Spa’s 10 years in the business finally came to a climax on Sunday.

From the headlining artistes’ line up to the ambiance to the fireworks and to the comedy and other activities made the night an awesome one and indeed it was.

The comedians Maulana and Reign and Senga Nantume cracked a series of rib-cracking jokes which set a big challenge for the musicians to maintain the revellers’ excitement aroused by comic performances.

The musicians lived up to hype with exciting performances that caught the crowd’s attention and some of the revellers were seeing dancing along in excitement

Karol Kasita, Spice Diana, Feffe Bussi, Pallaso were among the artistes whose performances were thrilling but it is Spice Diana, Roden Y Kabako and rapper Feffe Bussi that worked the crowd most. They jumped into the already excited revelers who were heard singing to their songs word for word.

They also took time to interact with revellers danced with them which was one of the most interesting things at the party

Spice Diana performing

Fans swam Spice Diana as she performs

Rapper Feffe Bussi performing

Pallaso performing

Comedian Ssenga Nantume performing

The fans enjoying as Feffe Bussi performing

Fans dancing off their excitement

Singer Sharon Peyton (left) performing

Singer Roden Y Kabako performing


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