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Spice Diana Opens Up About The Real Reason She Left Humble Entertainment

Spice Diana finally opened up why she decided to part ways with Humble Entertainment. The singer who was being hosted on UBC’s Horizon Vibe today, revealed to the host Calvin that she quit the group after realizing there is nothing humble about Humble Entertainment.

She felt misrepresented and was never really given any accountability as the managers cared about advancing themselves.

Spicy Diana with Calvin at UBC

Spice Diana with Calvin at UBC

‘I recently asked them to at least shoot a second video nebagaana (they refused).They instead choose to buy themselves cars which am not attached to since there was no contractual agreement,’ she said. Spice also went on to say that she doesn’t even own a small Vitz yet she works hard week in week out.

Refuting claims that she is being confused by boys and growing horns, the rising star said that she pays all her bills and there aren’t any boys confusing her.

When we contacted Solomon of Humble entertainment recently, he revealed to us that they failed to be on the same page with Spice because she never appreciated their work. “We entrusted a one Johns to take care of her career but she never respected and appreciated his work. So in both our interests, we decided to let her go.”

We shall let you know as soon as they are any developments on this. However, Spice Diana will be releasing two new videos next month, look out for them.

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