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Talent Is Better Than Education – A Pass

Ugandan reggae musician A Pass says he chose music over books because music is his passion from childhood.

He says the current education system is not good for youth as it doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation.

“How I wish we had focused education in our country…. why do you tell students to do things all by themselves and then put them in the real world and say cooperate. he wrote in a recent Facebook post.

Apass Tie

A Pass recently unveiled a 2million tie he bought because of talent

 “School should teach how to figure out things___ You cannot measure someone’s productivity basing on how many facts they have memorized. Put them in a position where they can fail because this is the real world. These degrees of yours and papers don’t map to anything in the real world,” He further wrote.

He said that education is good but it’s not easy to profit from it.

“I know very well there are so many people in our society that value education. Sure, education is expensive, but living in a world of ignorance is more expensive,” he explained.

He said the current education system is fictious.

“We are trained in school to spend time reading fiction, but we end up being trained never to read again for fun. Most student leave school saying I have survived books. The goal is to change what we get when we are sent to School,” he added.

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