Tips On How To Keep Safe This Easter Holidays

The Easter season is here and Christians worldwide are waiting to celebrate this year’s Easter come Sunday the 31st of March. Here in Uganda, preparations are in high gear with lot of events slated to take place and Chano8 takes this platform to wish you all a happy Good Friday.

However, during festive days like Christmas, Easter and Eid, thieves are always on a rampage in Kampala. Not like they don’t steal from people on other days but because a lot of events be taking place on these days mentioned above, therefore thieves are always targeting to steal from party animals or even worse still church goers returning back from overnight fellowships.

At Chano8 we condemn theft just like any other person and as you party this whole long weekend, here are the tips you should follow to get rid of theft.

Use A Boda Boda You Trust

The image of boda boda riders in Kampala has been tainted by a few thugs who disguise as genuine riders when they are thieves and killers. Through the years, reports of people being robbed and killed by boda boda riders have been all over the news so if you are to go out to have fun and a boda boda is a means of transport you intend to use, please make sure you know the rider personally and trust him as well.

Don’t Drink Your Self Silly

At times we see completely drunk people walking on the streets of Kampala in the wee hours of the night which is a very risky thing. We all know that too much alcohol makes some people very weak so what kind of self defence would one give one’s self from thieves when he or she is too drunk? Take the alcohol you know you can contain

Move In Groups

It is kind of hard for thieves to attack a group of people unless if the thieves are armed. Thieves also move in groups and one has very little chances of surviving a group of thieves if he or she is moving alone in the night. Moving in groups will in a way scare away the thieves.

Don’t Use Mobiles While In Taxis/Cars And On Boda Bodas

We don’t even need to remind you about this. We are very sure some of you could be victims of thieves’ snatching of mobile phones from people in cars and on boda bodas. If you are a social media freak who can’t live without a phone in the hands and your going somewhere, please close your car windows thoroughly and if you are on a boda boda, be patient until you reach your destination so you can use your phone.

Find A House Keeper If You Are To Sleep Out

Here in Kampala, you just can’t stay away from your house overnight and think your property is safe. Like we said , thieves be on rampage during the festive days, we are very sure this Easter season they are targeting to break into people’s houses. For some reason, they will always know whether you have slept in the house or not. Don’t take chances

Leave Doors And Windows Closed All Time

Did you know at times some neighbours can silently be thieves especially at mizigo (Luganda for rentals)? Even if you are going to an outdoor bathroom or pit latrine, make sure your house doors and windows are closed because not every neighbour is trustworthy.

Avoid Strangers At All Cost

There are those people you will meet for the very first time and they pretend to know you when you are  sure you don’t know them. Such people are always having selfish and theft intentions. Some especially ladies will come humbly begging for help and when you offer to help them, they scream alleging you wanted to steal from them and their allies will come and beat you up and take your things.

Watch Out For Your Drinks And Eats In Public

There are people whose job is to go to hang out places to target people who have good things like expensive watches, shoes and phones. They have chloroform with them and they time when people have gone to the washrooms and pour it their drinks and eats. Minutes later after chloroform does its work, they steal people’s things.

Report Suspicious People And Objects To Police

If you see a person and can’t understand their motive especially in your neighbourhood, do not hesitate to report him or her to police because they could be having theft intentions.

After following all these tips, we are very sure your Easter weekend will be a blast and you shouldn’t be complaining of loosing property.  A HAPPY EASTER.






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