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Trouble as Jose Chameleone Threatens To Fight Own Brother Over Leaking Family Secrets

The Mayanja family is among the most decorated musical family in the country However,  the fights and scandals amongst the family members and the differences have again come up with the most popular of the siblings Jose Chameleone bitterly warning his elder brother Humphrey Mayanja to stop being a voice box and mouthpiece to their rivals.

Chameleone who is currently in DR Congo on a musical tour furiously said his brother has turned out to be a traitor who leaks their family secrets to rivals whom he claims are against their success.

Reports say that, there has been a recent burst up in their family WhatsApp group where Weasel was not in good terms with their father after the death of his musical partner the late Mowzey Radio over property sharing.

However, Humphrey was rumoured to have leaked the info to the rival groups which later came to the attention of the media on how Weasel was not in good terms with his father.

Meanwhile, sources say that Chameleone has since vowed to teach his elder brother a lesson once he gets back into the country from his tour. The’ Vumulia’ singer says Humphrey has taken advantage of this scandal and has been blindfolded by their rivals who pay him (Humphrey) to leak information to them.

Jose Chameleone (R) has threatened to teach big brother Humphrey a lesson

Humphrey Mayanja who is the oldest in the Mayanja Family at one time also attacked Bebe Cool. In his words, Humphrey said Bebe Cool should stop dissing Ugandans in DIASPORA when they are sure that his wife is enjoying free services available in the countries where they are living.

Humphrey ten said that Bebe Cool sends the wife to the U.S whenever she is going to give birth as she exploits the loopholes in the American systems. Bebe Cool doesn’t pay a single coin for the services enjoyed by his wife because his wife Zuena claims to be a widow so as to get the free services. We are following on this developing story and will keep you updated as always in case something new pops up.


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