Ugandan Artistes Shocked By The Amount Of Money Paid To Diamond Platinumz

It has been months since Diamond Platinumz was announced to be the main headliner at the Kampala City Carnival Charity Show that happened last night. With the saga surrounding his relationship including our very own Zari Hassan with whom they have two children, some people had threatened to throw water bottles at him during his performance.

On the same note, the most annoyed people were artistes. They weren’t pissed with Diamond per say but with Kampala Capital City Authority for the amount of money they paid to the Tanzanian music sensation.

“This is for you KCCA. Always learn to appreciate. We started the city carnival with you guys and your bargaining power was not having sponsors for the event, you humbly asked us to associate with you and promised to revise artists budgets if sponsors came on board. Now that Ugandan artists have built the day for you and sponsors are flooding your offices you decide to drop them,” that is part of the statement Dr Hilderman posted on his Facebook.

The ‘Double Bed mazongoto’ artiste also asked what international artists contribute to KCCA’s revenue, why they had to pay Diamond all the money yet not even half was paid to all Ugandan artistes among others.

According to the information we got, Diamond received Ug Shs 165 m minus his band and flight yet all Ugandan artistes had to share Shs 20m to perform.

Diamond Platnumz performing at the Kampala City Festival’s Charity Concert

Watch Diamond Platnumz’s performance last night


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