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How Ugandans Really Make Money In South Africa… It Will Leave You Baffled

We’ve been wondering how Ugandans like Katsha, Zari, Ivan Ssemwanga, King Lawrence and Cheune among others got their wealth to an extent of holding open bar parties, driving the most expensive cars around and having incredible bank accounts, we’ll wonder no more as we unveil the truth behind it all.

Ivan Ssemwanga of Rich Gang chats with Douglas Lwanga

Ivan Ssemwanga of Rich Gang chats with Douglas Lwanga

According to Kyazze Moses, a prominent business man who resides in the UK but started out his hustling in South Africa broke the secret behind their wealth.

The businessman explained that surviving in South Africa needs sharpness contrary to what I along with other people have been thinking that it was through years of savings through witchcraft.

“Many people in Uganda are blinded by stories of witchcraft in South Africa, but the truth is, during the early and mid 20oo’s, its simple and easy going by the high corruption everywhere. It could only take a flick of a finger for one to become a millionaire. There was a lot of illegal deals happening among the rich South Africans and they were so cautious of how they would make their businesses work and the only way to do that was have clean bank accounts from non- citizens which in the case was us Ugandans because we were so desperate to earn a living. They would transact their money through our accounts and in return give us commission which was in dollars.” Moses said.

The now successful Ugandan said his first commission was 20,000USD and he brought a brand new Mercedes Benz the next day at only 20 years and he continued to do that for three years until he left for the UK to do more serious businesses.

“A lot of those successful and wealthy Ugandans based in South Africa you keep praising got their wealth the exact way. Most of the jobs in South Africa are for the natives and it’s not easy for someone from another country to be employed or work for a salary. It might not be the case now but then, that was the order of the day.” He concluded.

According to Kyazze, he went to South Africa in the mid 2000’s with nothing in particular to do but hustle and reminisce a day when he was beaten by an askari with a huge piece of wood on the head for dozing near a night club.

Moses Kyazze confessed this while being hosted on WBS TV’s Goldies programme that airs every Sunday by Charles Oyimuke.

So whoever was thinking the Rich gang family got their wealth through Sangoma (witchcraft), better think twice as it’s now quite clear where it all began.

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