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US Rapper ‘DMX’ Sentenced To Prison Again

US rapper DMX, real names Earl Simmons has been arrested again after he failed to pay child support of $400,000.

The rapper was on Tuesday sentenced to six months in jail for “violation of certain court orders or conditions of bond in a family violence case,” according to police. He’s currently being held at Erie County Holding Center in Buffalo, New York.

DMX sentenced to prison again.

DMX sentenced to prison again.

DMX is no stranger to prison, he has been arrested several times from throughout the years.

Jamaican singer Shaggy confirmed the news on his Twitter account, noting that DMX will not be able to perform at the Shaggfest because he got locked up for 6 months.

DMX was a major hit in Uganda in the 90’s almost every other teenager wanted to be just like him. Several teens bought themselves DMX T-shirts, Ruff Ryders jeans, headbands while others just wanted to sound like him.

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