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Video: Naira Ali Talks About Her Highly Anticipated Album

With her show fast approaching, we reached out to Naira Ali to find out more about her new album and know the inspiration behind it.

The highly talented singer revealed to Chano8 that behind all the songs on the Sounds of Naira Ali album there is one constant and that’s love.

She also emphasized that she doesn’t care about how other musicians are doing in the music industry, especially those that push one song for long instead of releasing an album.

‘I don’t usually follow what everybody else does, I follow my heart. And I think the right way to do music is to do what you can,’ she said.

When asked why she chose to call her album the sounds of Naira Ali, she said it’s because it brings out the different voices she has.

Having talked about love earlier, we couldn’t let her go without finding out the nitty gritties. She said she’s engaged and happy, but wouldn’t reveal the name of her fiance.

Have a look at the video below to find out more about the artist.

You can’t afford to miss Naira Ali’s album launch tomorrow.

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