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When Cramps Enter Public Debate

Chinese province grants women leave for menstrual pain


A woman experience a painful monthly period

Research suggests that globally,one in 10 women suffer from menstrual cramps/ dysmenorrheal while others experience various chronic conditions such as irritable bowels, migraines, or asthma attacks. The all-consuming monthly pain is so crippling that it could interfere with their daily activities.

On Sunday, Anhui province introduced new regulations allowing female workers who suffer severe menstrual pain to take one to two days off every month, after presenting a doctor’s certificate. Menstrual leave is already provided in Shanxi and Hubei provinces.

it’s not the first time that paid menstrual leave has been debated in china, and other territories in the region, including Japan, Indonesia and south Korea and Taiwan, already have laws guaranteeing women days off during their periods with Asian countries leading the way.


A woman using the hot bottle to reduce the pain

Since 1947, women in japan have been granted menstrual leave and in South Korea, female workers have been entitled to a day off each month since 2001, but few employees in male-dominated workplaces are eager to exercise that right, according to Korea times.

In 2014, Taiwan legislation granted female workers up to one day of menstrual leave a month and three of these qualify for half pay. Women in Indonesia are given a monthly two-day menstruation leave by law. However, workers rarely take up this right because companies perform physical examination on women before granting the leave.

However the current draft regulation does not specify what types of jobs would qualify employees for these holidays besides “women stationed to their posts for extended periods of time nor does it outline the possible consequences for companies ignoring the law.


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