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10 Movies Perfect For Valentine’s Day

There is no need to feel blue if this year you are not in the mood to prance around in your best outfit scrambling for table at the hottest restaurants and shows, all in the name of celebrating Valentine’s day. It is no crime to tell ‘bae’ you just want to unwind infront of your screen with a glass of wine and hold his hand while you catch up with a romantic comedy. I say romantic comedy so that we are being fair because your man might feel his manhood had been compromised watching Titanic or the Vow for the 100th time since you started dating last year.

If you are single and not in the mood to be, explain to your friends and family or go out and seem like you are trying so hard to look single on valentine’s day. This list is for you too.

Enough about the complexities of dating and movie selection here is a lineup of romantic comedies that we believe are not gender biased. So cook yourself a special meal for two, chill a bottle of wine and get out your warmest soak and dive in.

  1. Sisters

This is some good old fashioned ‘girl on girl’ fun. It is hilarious and will have u cracking up all night, sisters over misters.


  1. How to be single

It might have bitter sad sting to it but fat Amy is one of the funniest women on this planet. Enjoy this step by step guide on how to be single as the 2 besties find out it’s pretty hard


  1. How to lose a guy in 10 days

When this 2 jaded people are pitted against each other to see if one can catch while the other releases. It is a tag of love and war when it comes to these two. Enjoy the full irony of day to day relationships


  1. The other woman

This is a comical eye opener on female struggle to keep a cheating man. Don’t we love Nicki Minaj! I know we all love a good revenge film.


  1. Train wreck

Have you ever felt like a movie title described your entire love life? Now sprinkle on top some comedy and vwhaaalla the perfect Valentines Day movie.


  1. La la land

This is so last year and if you love musicals this will absolutely be up your alley.  You will enjoy the hustle and struggle of following your passion and your heart. It’s a great movies.



  1. Sleepless in Seattle

This 1993 classic is amazing. Tom hanks and Meg Rayan fall in love over the radio waves. It is funny and remember you can never go wrong with the classics.


  1. Drinking buddies

If you are on your own and are feeling like going full indie and you’re not in the mood for the perfect happy ending kind of love story then this is the perfect movie for you. No fairy tales.


  1. Love and Basketball

While many romance movies are difficult for men to watch, Love & Basketball goes a long way into drawing men into this “chick flick” genre by incorporating an underlying sports theme. Quincy (Omar Epps) and Monica (Sanaa Lathan) meet on the basketball court as kids, and their love/hate relationship keeps their lives intersecting as they live their individual dreams of playing pro ball. If you’re young, enjoy sports, or crave passion, this movie’s for you.



  1. Valentine’s day

Well a valentine’s day movie list isn’t complete without a movie titled Valentine’s day. All I can say about this movie is it has all the most beautiful a list actors and they lived all the highs and lows in mine series all taking place in one single day.



So get you pop corn call a girlfriend or boyfriend and enjoy….


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