10 Ways You Can Be Great In Bed!!


If you are interested in finding out why the fire died out in your romance or why he never called you back. Here is the outlined guild line on how to bring your A game to the boudoir.

1. Don’t be judgmental.

People are into different thing and have different fantasies when it comes to the bedroom. Listen and don’t judge. If you judge it will not be easy for your partner to open up and their ideas in your sex life.

2.Be innovative.

The same thing over and over can be so boring especially for people in long term relationships. We see the arm of a couch, you see a great prop for doggie style We see a bra, you see a bondage tool. Being creative and looking for new ways to spice things up is crucial in a partner.

3. Think and think about sex.

Some people may say over thinking about sex is a bad thing but we don’t agree. For women when they think about sex they get aroused. Take all that sexual frustration home and show your Partner how much you were thinking of them.

4. Put your partner’s needs first.

If you do it in your day to day lives then it should be easy to do in the bedroom. This maybe harder for the men out there than the women. But I assure you it is really rewarding and sexy to focus on pleasing your partner, Indulge them in their favorite position or oral…just saying. As the bible ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

5. Try (almost) everything once.

Don’t hold your self back or be a prude about sexual escapades they can be so much fun. So create a ‘list’. Do it with your partner. A list of things you have never tried and would like to try then every once in awhile try something on that list. Keep thinking ‘why not?’ and ‘it could be fun’.

6.Don’t be self conscious

No one ever enjoyed sex while worrying about their body. Relax and don’t stress, chances are your partner feels the same way about him or herself. If you believe you look good and sexy it is easy to have everyone believe it. So leave the lights on and throw away the covers.

7. Know when to be a little loud and crazy

Being able to let loose, let go and uncensored is great. For one thing it is reassuring to your partner that they are doing the right thing. Forget the script you were handed down from generations of aunties on sex sounds, create your own from sound to words.

8. Be spontaneous

The Married couples and the ones who have been together for awhile will agree sometimes sex becomes routine and they lose the spontaneity in their sex lives. Women take control and surprise your men in bed or even out of the bedroom. Who said sex is to be had in the bedroom only.

9. Laugh together and at yourself.

When your comfortable enough, you can laugh at yourself about all the weirdness and that is the only way it can be turned into the best memory you share.  sex expert Logan Levkoff, Ph.D says “You may not remember the strongest orgasm you’ve ever had, but you’ll remember the time you fell off the bed because you were so into it that you didn’t realize you were on the edge.” Weird noises, sounds, and failed positions happen, but if you can roll with it and still enjoy yourself, that’s what makes someone amazing in the sack.” I agree.

10. Stay physically fit.

We all know there is not a lot you can achieve in the sack without physical fitness. Hit the gym once in awhile just to boost your energy, stretch out those muscles that you will need later. It is also well researched that being fit and active is a big aphrodisiac for women and helps you boost your libido. Did i mentions it will do wonders for your confidence in the bedroom.

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