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12th Edition Of Amakula Film Festival Opens With Aplomp, As ‘Veronica’s Wish’ Melts Hearts

12th Edition Of Amakula Film Festival Opens With Aplomp, As ‘Veronica’s Wish’ Melts Hearts

The 12th edition of Amakula International Film Festival Kicked off in earnest yesterday at the Uganda Museum with several activities lined up on the card.

With a busy schedule characterized by compact line up of events and activities, organisers made sure the opening ceremony for the festival was at 2:pm early enough for the food most revelers had taken to start its digestion course as well as convenient enough to run screen as many as possible those films scheduled for day viewing at the main and exhibition halls.

While giving his opening remarks, the chief curator for the festival Mr Polly Kamukama said year’s edition is going to be exciting with an interactive programme package comprising of film screenings, panel discussions, talk back sessions, networking forums and an awards gala among other exiting activities.

“This year’s festival boasts a diverse pool of films that is indeed reflective of the Amakula brand as the foremost platform through which most audiences in Uganda get to experience the best independent cinema from across the world”. He said

Polly Kamukama moderating the panel discussion at Uganda Museum.

“Our prestigious awards, the Impalas, will yet again pit some of the best films on show in four categories  namely Best Short, Best Documentary, Best Student Film and Best Feature with the ultimate winners to be unveiled by an independent three-member panel of film experts at the closure of the festival on Sunday”.

There were hundreds of film submissions and the organisers Bayimba Foundation and the curatorial team selected a total of 35 films where 19 of them are short films, seven documentaries and nine interesting selections in the feature category coming from 17 different nationalities across the globe “where a big chunk of the available slots has been reserved for local content to promote our own films and talent in the industry”.

The exhibition hall was a beehive of activities for the remainder of the afternoon with several screenings mostly documentaries and short films till late evening when the museum gardens took over as it hosted the much anticipated Drive-in experience with yet again a powerful line up. 

L-R Polly Kamukama, Nana Kagga and comparing notes during the panel discussion

Other panelists join in the heated discussions to find out ways of marketing the industry. As the film enthusiasts follow attentively below.

Veronica’s Wish arguably the best local film in the last decade which has swept and continues to sweep awards all over the world was on the wide LED screens although technical glitches delayed the start which was at around 8:30pm way after the scheduled 7; 00pm starting time on the day’s program.

The film about a young lady, whose dreams were shuttered by a strange ailment, melted so many hearts in the audience with many holding back tears in the gardens engulfed by total darkness by this time save for the blinking green frequency signals coming from the FM headsets.

Revellers watching ‘Veronica’s Wis at the Drive-in yesterday. The amazing experience continue till tomorrow when other block busters will be screening.

Nisha Kalema the lady behind the touching film, who wrote and starred in the leading role, later explained that she was inspired by a true story involving a dear family member.

Today’s activities were kicked off with a panel discussion on the ‘The Role of a Film Market to the East African Film Industry’. Several screenings followed and of course will climax with the Drive-in experience as usual at 7pm at the museum for 10,000/- each. Screenings continue till tomorrow evening.

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