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2015; The Year Of Scandal And Sleaze

The entertainment industry, arguably in every country, is marred time and again by scandal. Simply speaking, scandal is when the people in the limelight are caught offside. They forget that our eyes are perpetually on them, and they do things that leave our mouths agape in surprise.

For the year 2015, we prayed and hoped for a difference; our prayers were not heard. It actually turned out worse. So bad was it that we failed to reveal everything. We bring you the scandals of 2015, pinpointing whoever was caught offside.

Leaked nudes

Topping the scandal list this year are the leaked nudes and celebrity sex tapes, we have had atleast minimum of 6 top city celebrities’ nudes and sextapes leak this year. The common question that keeps popping up on social media platforms is ‘what happened to our morals and cultural values?

This trend which was seemingly kick- started last year by Desire Luzinda’s leaked nudes became infamously rampant this year.

In February, ‘Boss Lady’ Zari Hassan’s sex tape leaked and caused a lot of excitement and controversy with the fans. It was later followed by Sanyu Robinah Mweruka’s sextape in the same month. Then a news anchor on ‘Agataliiko Nfuufu’ on Bukedde TV, a bulletin famed for criticking immorality, she was shamed before the public, which totalled in her being put off air for a while. Dancefloor queen Sheeba Karungi summed up the month, joining a queue of unlucky women whose nakedness had been paraded before the public eye.

Zari and Diamond cement their love.

Zari and new hubby Diamond Platinumz have always been in the news for various reasons

We prayed that this madness would stop in February; our prayers were not heard again. In May, Anita Fabiola’s bath time nudes also leaked. She gathered courtesy and apologized to the public, saying

‘The last week hasn’t been easy, no woman would like to show their body to complete strangers’. She was too late and like Mweruka, she was whisked off air and has not been seen on screen ever since.

Fabiola excited about her new opportunity.

Fabiola’s nudes made rounds on social media

The nude-mania was not done with TV just yet. Fashion icon Kleith Kyatuheire’s photos flooded the media towards the end of the year, and the beautiful presenter relegated herself off the scene, resigning into a long silence before apologizing publicly on Facebook.

It seems that Kampala girls have been on some serious rampage to show off their bodies this year. Sheila Salta a former Backstage Pass presenter on Urban TV exposed a lot of skin as she emceed a Hawaiian theme night at Cayenne a few days ago.

City socialite Tracy Bora made an appearance at the Billy Oceans show at Serena hotel in April, wearing a black lace dress that left nothing to imagination. Bora isn’t one t be thereated by Fr. Lokodo; she paraded herself on stage and danced, albeit to the excitement and disgust of just as many people.


Tracy Bora turned heads when she turned up with this fishnet dress at Serena

Out of the norm

Not missing on list of scandals this year is the out of the depth moments, the ones so shameful the turn out funny. Honestly, these we almost excused, but then, we saw and couldnot ignore.

On Saturday 12th December, was a day full of theatre was carried to Abryan’s Style and Fashion Awards.

TMT (The Money Team) Africa’s Meddie Ssentongo, reputed with dating and splashing money on beautiful women, subscribed to the old saying of ‘no man is perfect’ when he battled with English while presenting an award to Judith Heard. The lady’s man swaggered onto the stage alongside ‘Beneath the Lies’writer Nana Kagga, and then the English deserted him. What looked as a short speech turned out thorny and after a few jumbled lines, he treaded softly off, letting the fluent Kagga to give Heard the award.

Adding icing on the cake that day was the ‘dress thief’ saga. ‘Did she steal it from your closet?’ many of the fans questioned Desire Luzinda, who had publicly brandished a big ‘THIEF’ tag upon former MissUganda Phiona Bizzu, for apparently stealing her dress.

Is it really worth it to fight for a dress especially if the dress, no matter what dress it is? Worse still, the dress has been worn before by Hollywood stars, so who fights for something without copyright? We have seen people put on same dresses for a while now in the USA and all over the world but no one picked a fight with the other. Clearly, when the ‘Ekitone’ songstress fought for one, we raised our brows. Cheap scandal, grave impact.

Club fights

They educate us, entertain us, inform us, and motivate us so logically they should be the peacemakers. Regrettably our musicians are also human beings and subject to uncontrollable tempers, and usually, they get physical. Not even the place they are in can stop them. This year’s club fights took it to another level to the extent of people losing their lives.

The musical doctor Jose Chameleon was among those who first fell short. The ‘Wale Wale’ singer beat up a reveler identified as Vicent Luyinda who had turned up to party at Club Venom on April 19th 2015 Sunday night, accusing him of stealing his wallet that contained his passport.


Pallaso himself has been a victim of violence

His younger brother Pallaso was next in line.The ‘Twatoba’ singer was not happy with Dj Roja after he played two of his songs but cut the ‘Go Down Low’ song short at Venom Beach bar in Kabalagala. The singer stormed the Dj box, commanding Roja to play the song again but the Dj jestfully said it wasn’t time for playing Lingala, and before he could add something else, he had already received several punches from the singer.

In many incidents these club fights have gone as far as death. In Guvnor, a very unfortunate incident occurred when Ivan Kamyuka aka Ivan Diesel “Iyvo” hit Johnnie Ahimbisibwe aka Johnnie Danzel Jarmaine with a glass.

‘Johnie’ an esteemed client at Guvnor allegedly poured beer on his ex-girlfriend, incidentally a wife to Ivan Kamyuka. She and Johnnie had a son. Jilted as he was, Ivan picked the glass with which Johnnie had poured the beer and hit the latter with it. On arrival at Case Medical Center, he was examined by Dr.Masika and despite resuscitation was pronounced dead.

Many more traumatizing and beshaming events transpired this year. Much as scandal is a usual trend, it definitely surpassed the limit in 2015. We cross our fingers for 2016, and we pray that there will be none. Hopefully this time, our prayers will be answered.


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