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Don MC Introduces New Genre Dubbed Hip Dance In A New Song

Those who know him mostly know him for a Hip hop or call it Luga Flow artiste. Well, Luga Flow artiste Don MC real names Donald R. Rutaisire and the CEO of  2 Bad Entertainment Crew, is officially introducing a new style of singing dubbed HipDance. For that matter, he released a fresh song entitled ‘Kabiskwit’.


Luga Flow artiste Don MC

Kabiskwit is a love song that was  produced by producers Aethan and The Weezy and in the track, Don MC is heard singing in Jamaican Patois saying that he loves the girl because she is cute and neat, he also says that the girl is his angel and his one and only. In another verse, he sings saying that he wants to take the girl places and he never wants to see anyone disturbing her.

We contacted Don MC for a comment and this is what he had to say. “HipDance is a new style I am introducing and I am mixing dancehall with rap.’Kabiskwit’ is a game we used to play when we were still young, we used to tap each other’s palms while singing Donamado nama kabiskwit so I decided to make a love song out of it .To me kabiskwit is another word to mean beautiful”.


Don MC introduces HipDance genre

Next week, the ‘Olimbuzi’ singer is taking another step of releasing its video which he says is already done. Don has been singing from 2008 and he has released lots of songs like ‘Tobimanyi’, ‘Yes Yes’, ‘Olimbuzi’ among many others. He has also done collabo songs with artistes like Keko, Navio and The Mith.


Don MC performing for his fans at one of the shows

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Listen to ‘Kabiskwit’ by Don MC below




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