Sudhir’s Vintage Car Breaks Down

It is one thing to own a Vintage car and it’s totally another thing maintaining it. Ask NTV’s Sudhir Byaruhanga who got stuck on the road after his car suddenly broke down at an awkward time when the road was busy.


NTV’s news reporter Sudhir Byaruhanga

The news reporter got stuck at the garden city round about as he was heading to Serena where the NTV offices are located.


Sudhir Byaruhanga’s car stuck


Sudhir tries to talk to the boda boda rider in need to send him for fuel

Sudhir got stuck and was seen checking for everything but the car could not start, only that he didn’t have fuel.

After noticing that we had recognized him, the reporter decided to remain in the car and then stopped a boda -boda rider to bring him fuel.


Boda Boda rider going to buy fuel for Sudhir Byauhanga

We are told that this is not the first time it is happening to him on the road according to a source at NTV who also confirmed to us that the fuel gauge in the Sudhir’s car no longer works.


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