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4 Ways To Boost Your Productivity At Work

Ever thought of doing something but either you forget or fail to get time to do it? Yes, it happens, and it’s not the best feeling. It happens in times when one has a lot to do. You can ignore if it was minor but for the important tasks, it is regrettable.

Maybe you have tried several ways to boost your productivity but have failed. Here are 4 sure ways to get you out of your struggles.

  1. Keep a schedule

If you are forgetting about what you want to do then chances are high that you don’t keep a schedule.

“If you always have a busy schedule then you don’t have a schedule” – Julian Schulz, everjobs country manager.

A schedule is something that is overlooked yet keeps your day in line. Without a schedule, one can “finish everything” – only to realize there are other tasks. People without schedules are more likely to have colliding tasks.

Advancement in technology has made easier than before to keep a schedule. With just the google calendar, one can keep track of their entire day, weeks or months. In order not to forget anything you plan to do, note it down immediately you think about it.

It is also recommended that you put a timer on each task to avoid eating into time meant for other tasks. This helps you to distribute your time. It also avoids spending time on only tasks you enjoy doing neglecting others.

  1. Keep off your social media/internet

There are people who are almost on all social media channels – which is not bad. But the real problem is how you spend your time between work and them. Maybe you are not checking your social media but you are always checking your email or the internet. The funny thing with the internet is that you’ll always find a thing that’s interesting.

The only advice for you is; as long as it is work time, keep off! Try as much as you can to disconnect the internet unless you need it. You can also set the time when you can use the internet or social media. You can put aside the first hour when you wake up in the morning, lunchtime or in the evening after work.


  1. Do important things first

To increase your productivity, you’ll have to learn to rank tasks. Put the most important tasks on top of your radar. Always ask yourself before doing something if there isn’t anything more important.

Prioritizing gets a lot of pressure off your shoulders. If your manager tells you to make confirmation calls for an upcoming event. What he has told you to do must be more important than anything else you’re planning to do. So it is wiser to concentrate on it and leave everything else.

Another important thing to note about prioritizing is that it saves you a lot of time. How many times have you found yourself attending a meeting and realize you didn’t enjoy it? Wouldn’t things be different had you asked yourself if it were the most important thing to do at that time?

  1. Consistency

How many times do you read an article and promise yourself to change? Maybe you do change, but for how long? Many are reading this article but after a week they will get back to their normal ways.

Unless you are ready to do things, all your first efforts will be in vein. In fact you won’t be any different from someone who hasn’t read this article. So what should you do? You should make a schedule and a plan when to visit social media. Focus on the most important tasks for every single day you are to work.

Note that you’ll struggle to adjust to these changes. The struggling in the first few days is normal. But afterwards you’ll get used and appreciate your new self. Good luck in overturning your productivity at work.

In case of any other ways or comments, write to peter.kisadha@everjobs.ug.

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