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Titie Gets Proposed To While On Stage

After a troubled relationship with the controversial Katongole Omutongole, Titie may finally get a Queen’s rest. This is because last Friday at Theatre Labonita, her new man Deo Serunjogi went down on a bended knee and proposed to her, as she launced her Tebyansala album.

Titie 2

Titie’s turbid days with Katongole are seemingly over for good

Titie had until then not come out into the public to denounce Omutongole officially. She was also shocked to see Deo proposing and this came after Kantongole had just pleaded to get back with her.

She accepted the proposal, and the two walked off stage and headed to the VIP section before exiting and in the process, the former Bukedde presenter was left stranded on stage.

Titie Ps

Titie gets emotional as she accepts Deo’s ring

However, we were able to snoop that the main reason why Titie fell out with Katongole was that she was choking on an abusive relationship, as she revealed to a friend.

“I’m finally out in the light and can now breath” She said, “I’ve been chocking, but now that I found new love, I am as free as a bird. Bye bye to an abusive marriage. Let me start a new journey, wont cry for wasted years” Titie lamented.

It was also revealed that it was Katongole’s sex scandal which even led to his detention at Kireka police station that was the final blow to their relationship.

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