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Winnie Nwagi Gets Car From Swangz Avenue

Hard work pays. At least that is one proverb that Winnie Nwagi will always have in her mind. On Saturday, the gorgeous diva got her relentless days and nights in Studio rewarded  as she received a new car from her bosses at Swangz Avenue.

The artiste who was signed to the record label back in 2013 has stayed loyal to Swangz, right from the time she graduated from the coca-cola rated next project the year before. She believed her time hadn’t come and it would finde her at the label. Indeed it seems to have come in the Pajero mini she now can call her own.

Winnie-Nwagi-2015-Photo (34)

Winnie Nwagi can afford to smile after receiving a car

In a short video making rounds on social media, Benon Mugumbya, producer and one of the Swangz Avenue bosses, is seen presenting car keys to Nwagi when she least expected it!

“I can’t drive” were the first words that came out of an ecstatic Nwagi’s mouth but and she instantly rushed out to see her new car.

nwagi car

The model of the car Nwagi got

Winnie Nwagi has always been seen in the company of Irene Ntale, another artiste signed to Swangz Avenue but it seems her independency to party alone has just started now that she has her own means of transport.

It looks like 2016 is that special year for Winnie as her ‘Musawo’ song is already topping charts with other songs such as ‘Science’ alongside King Saha, ‘Katonotono’, and ‘Kyowulira’ among others also on heavy rotation.

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