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A Pass To Retire From Making Music

Having released his Nva Kampala a few weeks ago, decided to retire from music because he feels it’s time to be a legend. In a cryptic statement, the youthful singer said,

‘Am done my friends. I have worked hard to be where I am today and I have always been honest with my fans and supporters, adding, I have thought about this and decided to retire from making music because it’s time to be a Legend so let me make you some magic.’

A Pass feels it's time he became a legend

A Pass feels it’s time he became a legend

There is more to his statement than what meets the eye, A Pass is surely going to up his music game to unprecedented heights.

Am not focused on what was, I am looking forward to what can be and no evil mission is going to alter the course of my History because I am protected by God,’ he said.

Last week the Wuuyo singer talked about his dream of being a musician, ‘I didn’t care about who was in the Industry I just wanted to be part of it and be the best at what I do.’

Only time can tell what A Pass has up his sleeves.

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