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Sizza Man Arrested For Drunk Driving, Fights Officers

Local artiste Sizza Man was among hundreds of revellers that spent last weekend at Kabalagala police station after traffic police netted them for drunk driving on Kabalagala-Ggaba road on Saturday night.

In protest, the musician fought the police officers in uniform and tore their clothes.

According to Cyvassco Apollo, a police officer at Kabalagala police station,Sizza Man and others that were arrested will be fined or taken to courts of law because drink-driving is a crime in Uganda.


Dancehall artiste Sizza Man

“He even fought our police officer and tore their uniforms. That is a different crime,” he said after the ‘Angella’ artiste’s arrest which was covered by some television reporters and police cameras.

In recent months, several drivers have been subjected to breath tests to obtain an indication of the proportion of alcohol in their blood.

The legally prescribed limit is 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, (expressed as 0.08 per cent of blood alcohol content) which is equivalent to 35 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milligrams of breath.

According to the law, any police officer in uniform who has reasonable cause to suspect that a person driving appears to have consumed alcohol may require the person to provide a specimen of breath for a test.


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