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Afrigo Band To Feature King Saha At Friday Night live

After Afrigo Band and Winnie Nwagi sparkled up at Club Guvnor recently, Uganda’s oldest music band Afrigo is again set to thrill fans with their music and this time they are bringing on board King Saha as the guest performer with whom they will entertain the revellers together come Friday the 27th of May 2016 at the Friday Night Live at the Industrial Area based Club Guvnor.

Afrigo 40yrs2

Afrigo Band and King Saha to thrill fans this Friday at Club Guvnor

The night will see Afrigo Band perform their fans favourite songs that never go off the play lists as they will be joined by ‘Gundeeze’ singer King Saha all on the same stage doing it live.

“We have been doing shows outside Kampala of recent  but this will the last show before the fasting period begins, Afrigo Band is a legendary band so we are happy to be featuring them that night and we shall be premiering ‘Mwana Gwe’ video shot by Sasha Vybz. It’s one of its kind video so fans should expect that.” King Saha told Chano8.

King Saha

King Saha will join Afrigo Band for the Friday Night Live show this Friday

Entrance will be only 30,000 Ugandan shillings and doors open at 8pm so the fans can expect a massive entertainment as the Afrigo Band and King Saha take the music lovers on a musical journey.


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