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4 Reasons You Are Still Unemployed

We all know that feeling. Applying for job after job, but no positive outcome. The closest you get is an interview. The cycle continues for every advertised job. The question is, have you sat down and asked yourself why you aren’t getting hired? Don’t you think it’s you who is doing things the wrong way?

Here are 4 reasons to prove that. Maybe you aren’t doing all, but at least one of them!

  • Not seeking professional help

Whenever people hear or see a job advertised, they rush to “dust” their CVs. The big question is, do you know what you’re applying for? Don’t you think seeking professional guidance can put you miles ahead of the competition?

A job in Uganda on a website like everjobs receives over 250 applications. So, what do you think will set you apart from other applicants? This is where seeking professional guidance comes.

The best advice will come from HR personnel, consultants or interviewers. They’ll guide you well on how to structure your CV as well as present yourself for interviews. Some professionals charge a fee while others offer a free service.

Though with the advancement in technology, you can even seek professional guidance online. For example, everjobs just rolled out a CV certification service. Here, you get feedback about the status of your CV online.

  • Applying for every job

Most people are not getting employed because they are busy trying to be “supermen”. They end up applying for every job. What is the essence of applying for a job that requires 5 years when you have no experience?

The key to avoiding this is reading the job description. Every job has its minimum requirements. Make sure you look out for these in the job description. If you don’t meet them, then don’t apply.

For example, if a job states that “CPA required”, what are the chances that a person without CPA will get that job? It’s understandable that job searching is frustrating. But don’t make it worse by applying for the wrong jobs – jobs that you’re not qualified for at all.


Job seekers line up for UNRA Jobs.

  • Wrong contacts

There’s a quote that says, “If you hang around 5 millionaires, you’ll be the next”. So the big question is, as a professional seeking for employment, who are you hanging around? Don’t underestimate the power of contacts.

But that will only make sense in case they are the right contacts. To help you find the rightful questions, where do you go if you want to catch fish? Lake of course! So as a job seeker, where are you going to catch your “fish”?

The sooner you figure out that, the faster you’ll get off the unemployment shelf. Just to give you a hint as a job seeker, join SACCOS plus other clubs around your community. These have potential employers or employees that can connect you somewhere!

  • Not leveraging the power of the internet

Are you an internet user? What do you use that internet for? As a job seeker, the internet has potential to land you a job. There are a lot of jobs websites in Uganda, but also for international jobs. All you have to do is sign up and receive job updates right in your email inbox.

Apart from the websites, several companies advertise job openings on their social media channels. Or there are WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn groups where people usually share job opportunities. With this, you’ll smile away from the unemployed status!

Do you think there are any other reasons people are still unemployed? Comment with them. For more information about this topic, write to peter.kisadha@everjobs.ug

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