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Khalifa Aganaga Stays Strong Despite Low Turn Up For His Concert

Some will call it a big flop but despite a low turn up at Khalifah Aganaga’s Manyi Ga Kazindaalo 4X4 concert, yesterday night saw him put up an energetic performance for the few fans who came to support him at Theatre Labonita. The show he organised alongside Twinkle Star Agency was graced by upcoming artistes Lala Wyne, Dosa Dosa who warmed the stage for the main man.


The revelers who were in the ordinary section


People were very few but the show went on


Dosa Dosa was one of the curtain raisers

A subdued audience was seen seated watching the proceedings on stage but their faces were not showing any sign of excitement until Tip Swizzy got on stage that got them excited as he performed songs like ‘Akabimbi’ and ‘Agaliko’ as he pulled some funny dance strokes that amused the fans.


Singer Lala Wyne did not miss


This kid excited the revellers with his dance strokes 


Tip Swizzy excited the revelers with his dance strokes

Becky 256 of the ‘Nibinshaasha’ song fame was next on stage followed by Easy Boy Katoto from Aganaga Music who did his ‘Mukidongo’ collabo in which he features Aganaga himself.


Becky 256 ding her performance


Easy Boy Katoto from Aganaga Music Crew showcasing what he had in stock

Dressed in a brown pair of boots, white stripped jeans, a red coat and a white shirt, Aganaga finally made it to the stage at exactly 22 minutes past 10 pm amidst ululations from the few revellers who were in attendance. He later performed ‘Wanika Omikono’, ‘Guddie Guddie Gyal’, ‘Kweli Kweli’, and ‘Nseko’ alongside Mina Izah.


Khalifah Aganaga putting up his performance



Mina Izah (Right) doing her ‘Nseko’ collabo with Khalifah Aganaga

He then did ‘Dance Disco’, Ndadilawa’, ‘Kazindaalo’ ‘Mukidongo’ alongside Easy Boy Katoto and later called some of the revellers on stage to perform ‘4X4’ before closing the show at 5 minutes to 11pm with the fans asking for selfies. “Thanks all who decided to come support Khalifah Aganaga, the more you support, the more the music continues going up but we are so thankful.” He said as he went off stage.




Aganaga (right) performing his ‘Mukidongo’ collabo alongside Easy Boy Katoto


Aganaga (in shades) on stage with some of the revellers


That time when a female fan joined Khalifah on stage


These girls couldn’t hold it but the excitement away


Galaxy FM’s Dj Nimrod in a conversation with singer Mina Izah


These women really had fun


That time when Aganaga joined his fans


Singer Mina Izah was in attendance too

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