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10 Slangs You Should Expect To Hear In Kampala

Are you a visitor or planning to visit Uganda’s capital city soon? Well there are some common slangs you are most likely going to encounter. At first they sound normal Luganda words but on close scrutiny, actually mean different things all together.

The world has very many known and unknown slangs. Speaking slangs is another way of communication where some words are replaced with ‘new ones’. In Uganda, there are several slangs Ugandans use and Chano8 breaks down some of the common ones with their respective meanings.

Mu Kintu.

People especially youth use this slang ‘Mu Kintu’ to refer to a person who is well off financially or is in a status where many people look up to them.


This one is so common in the youth. It simply means a colleague with whom someone is good friends with and they share most things together. ‘Kyali wange wanvudemmu’ literally meaning that ‘You no longer care about me my good friend’


Llo simply means braveness; it’s an act of doing things without fear or favour. It also involves ones’ feelings and attitude towards doing some things. For example walking on Kampala streets at awkward hours without caring about thieves.


Omuyaaye means a violent person, especially a criminal. Its plural is Abayaaye. However, it’s also used to refer to a person who knows a lot of things, places, information and very un predictable


Deemu means a girl; it can also be used to mean someone’s girl friend or wife. For example somebody can say ‘Demu wo muluugi.’ literally meaning your girlfriend/wife is beautiful.


This one goes with someone’s life style and it means someone who is fake or has a very low self esteem and can’t easily adjust to some new trending things.


Many people in the world get money through working. Okukyapa means working. To those who work, somebody can ask that, ‘Okyapa wa?’ meaning that where do you work from?


Kiduula is a slang that simply means a night club.


In the proper Bantu language, Embwa means dog but it also has another meaning it makes to those who like using slangs and it means nothing but HIV/AIDS. Someone can warn his friend saying that ‘oyo deemu alina embwa’ meaning that ‘that girl is infected with AIDS’


This slang is acclaimed to have been brought into existence by artiste and Ghetto president Bobi Wine. It means lies. One can use it in a sentence like; ‘All what she is telling is kiwaani’.

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