Bigtril Upset With Uganda Entertainment Awards

There are a lot of entertainment awards that have through the years been rewarding Ugandan performing stars like musicians in their respective categories. More events organisers are continuing to jump onto the band wagon of holding these awarding ceremonies to appreciate the entertainers. However,some of these have turned into questionable money making ventures.

The Uganda Entertainment Awards in its second edition, is already raising eye brows after releasing the categories and list of nominees for the 2016 awards which have got many people talking. Although they will be taking place on Friday the 19th of August at Serena Hotel, Hip Hop artiste BigTril is of those who is not happy with the organisers..

The reason for his upset is that, the organisers did not announce the Best Hip Hop artiste category together with the other 44 categories they recently released to the public.

“They said they will be announcing the best Hip Hop artiste category in July and it’s stupid and it does not make any sense to announce it later on. Why are they giving hip hop artistes less time to tell fans to vote.” a disappointed Bigtril asked when Chano8 contacted him for a comment.

Big Tril

Hip Hop artiste Bigtril not happy with the Uganda Entertainment Awards

“The awards are good but they have to be fair because they are dubbed Uganda Entertainment Awards, so all categories have to be there.” He added.


Bigtril shared a screen shot of the awards’ categories

Meanwhile, voting is already on going in the categories that have been announced so far and when Chano8 contacted Kabs Aloha one of the organisers of these awards on why the Hip Hop category was neglected, he had this to say.

“We explained this on our social media platforms but may be fans didn’t give us much attention. The Hip Hop category comes a month before the awards because we believe Hip Hop is a special category and it’s on its own. Last year it was won by Navio and the awards are gaining the momentum and come 19th August, we know what we will be doing.”

Bigtril who used do his thing with GNL Zamba in Baboon Forest has since gone solo. He first raised his concern on Facebook where fans seem to concur with. However with Organisers clarifying that the category will be out in July, Hip-hop fans therefore have to wait patiently to vote for their favourite stars.

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