‘I Am A Man Of Salvation Not Born In A Bar- Willy Mukaabya

On his journey of embracing salvation, veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Willy Mukaabya famously known for songs like ‘Omwenzi Omusiru’ and many more, is a man on a mission. A while ago, he came out and rubbished Afro beat singer Daxx Kartel’s song ‘Baala’ that took the airwaves by storm earlier this year.

The main reason why he did the retaliation song dubbed ‘Wolokoso’ Mukaabya claims, was firing back at Daxx who in one of the lines in the tune said, that Willy Mukaabya was born in a bar. To a person who received salvation in life, this wouldn’t leave him silent.


Willy Mukaabya now a saved person

In an exclusive interview the Kadongo Kamu veteran had with Chano8, this is what he had to say.

“Am a man of Jesus and Kakande is my pastor. Am proud of my church and I don’t do it in disguise and it has been five years. I have a life more than that I had before. As artistes, we are preachers but we put the message in songs and I will keep on preaching to the people.”

“God does not put us in the same ways like pastors to go and preach in churches but might instead put in bars or anywhere else.” He added.

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