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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Cindy

Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy has seen it all and been there. She was once expelled from a group she was part of since its inauguration. Was one of the first celebrities whose nudes leaked on social media and made news after she separated from her man and the father of her child.

As if all that is not enough, she has also been criticized because of her  erotic music videos and type of music she does. We have decided to look at some of the things you probably didn’t know about the dancehall artiste:


Few people know that the now fan’s favorite dancehall artiste grew up at Ntinda police barracks. “I grew up at Ntinda barracks and those days, we used to sniff teargas in full swing every time police guys used to train. We could even find real bullets in the compound and this helped in shaping me to the person I am now.” She said.

Cindy Sanyu

Growing up in the Barracks has shaped Cindy into who she is now


What a combination it is being born to a father who is an army man and a police officer. Cindy is the product of both. She says that although army officers are feared the most, it is her mother who used to beat her up all the time that is the determination she has.


“There is this event I was on and midway through it, I went over to the deejay to tell him not to disorganize my performance by over scratching the machines but as I was leaning over to tell him, my wig got stuck in his machines and there is no way we could remove it however much we tried. So I decided to comeback on stage with my natural hair but didn’t execute it like how I always do with my wigs.”


Wigs embarrsed her though she loves tem


The mother of one used to be an RnB artiste back in the Blu 3 days but she says that wasn’t her comfort zone as she used not to enjoy what she was doing. “During the Blu 3 days, we were always told what to do and when. We were an RnB girl group and I couldn’t express myself the way i really wanted to well but when I left, it was a bit of a relief that is why I engaged myself in a style of music I feel I know which is dancehall.”

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