4th Edition Of A Night At The Emirates On Tonight

This might not be a good month financially but it does not stop events from happening and more are continuing to happen. Tonight all roads lead to the Bukoto based Cayenne Restaurant and Longue where the 4th edition of the Night At The Emirates party organised and hosted by Nickita Bachu will take place.

The last edition that happened last year on Friday the 15th of January was a success and this year on their fourth edition, a lot is expected in stock with the most thrilling thing to be belly dancing from a top notch  and celebrated belly dancer called Natalia.


Organiser and host of Night At The Emirates Nickita Bachu

 Other things slated to take place were explained by Gareth Onyango who is also husband to the host Nickita.

“We don’t have any performing artistes but we have a Dj from Boston called Dj Heavy Q and we are also going to have Djs Crisio and Bobby. We shall also be giving out a return ticket to Dubai in the raffle draw to the lucky reveller. There will be a serious decor and we are providing a good ambiance for attendees so the whole experience is going to be different from the outfits, that is the Arabic style which is the dress code.”

There is no other announcement for this event sponsored Luc Belaire which is a new international luxurious drink that recently spread its wings to the Ugandan market and the entry fee is only Ug Shs 25,000.

Pictures of how the last edition of this party went down early last year


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