5 Outfits To Standout This Valentine’s Day

 This is dedicated to the sisters with curves, I understand it is hard to come up with the right outfit and with everyone looking for the right red dress it is hard to stand out, here are a few inspired looks for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Slaying from the office to a date

See as this Valentine ’s Day will be on Tuesday and we don’t get a day off to be pampered, so this look enables you to attend meetings and touch up your make up and walk into a fancy restaurant and enjoying a romantic meal with your man.

A sleek black blazer, chiffon top matched with wine red and black pattern pants and topped off with discreet accessories and pumps.


  1. Cocktails with the girls.

If the only plans you have are with your girl friends, then good for you who said you can’t celebrate the love of great friends on valentine’s day?.  This outfit is perfect for a party girl who is keeping it classy. So this sequined black turtleneck by Malen Birger, Michael Kors sequined pants, if you have a sequin jumpsuit then great! Add some silver accents, perspex pumps and a disco ball inspired bag. These are pricey but you can pick up something similar in the stores near you.


  1. Outdoorsy with your kitenge

You know it’s not African style unless you have a kitenge thrown into your everyday fashion mix.  Currently the new wraps are all the rage and personally, the 3 button wrap is killing it. It can be paired with jeans and sneakers or booty shorts and a crop top or even a dress. Whatever rocks your boat but that paired with sneakers or flat sandles will be perfect for Valentine ’s Day picnic or any event outdoors.


  1. The wow factor

And as you know, a valentine’s day look book is not complete without the dinner gown. I say gown because this is the dress that takes the awards. The dress that is deserving of the 5 star restaurants and that stone you’re hoping for soon. It doesn’t have to be traditional red it could be emerald green or a royal blue, what it must be is jaw dropping!  Accessorise with  a clutch and heels.


  1. Lingerie all the way

This is the most definitely last attire for the day. Whatever you did together this is where it was leading to. Every girl buying now has chosen out her lingerie. It is hard to advise see in as this is affected by personal tastes and preferences. All I can say is. It should be able to cause a heart attack!!  hehe not literally.



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