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5 Things To Expect At The Tula Kumukeeka Event Tomorrow

Tomorrow as Uganda celebrates her 54th Independence, Kampala and the entire country will experience another day event that will see revellers have a good time, socialise with new friends and above all be entertained by the headlining performing local artistes.

For the first ever, the ‘Tula Kumukeeka’ event, a Luganda word meaning ‘sit on the mat’ will take place tomorrow at the Kitante-Kampala based Uganda Museum grounds. A lot of things are expected to happen with the most important thing being that two music legends Afrigo Band and Madoxx Ssematimba will entertain the attendees.

Afrigo rocks

Afrigo Band will entertain revellers on their brand new machines

The event is sponsored by Payway,    BellLager    and NBS TV     and when Chano8 talked to NBS TV’s Tuff B who is one of the organisers of this event, he told us five main things to expect tomorrow and they are.

  • Madoxx will sing live his entire album of over 25 songs.
  • Afrigo Band will be unveiling their new music machines they recently imported from abroad
  • There will be a very important person as surprise guest from Buganda Kingdom
  • Revellers will dance to old time classic songs of our Ugandan singers and the world at large played by Djs like Alex Ndawula, Rota and Elvis Alex
  • The party will begin by mid day with Djs playing live music to warm up the revellers.

Madoxx Ssematimba Ssemanda to headline the Tula Kumukeeka event

Tula Kumukeeka is however having a few similarities with the quarterly Blankets and Wine event where by revellers are expected to come with their mats and drinks, and is a day event too. Chano8 went ahead to ask Tuff B about the main intention of the event and he had this to say.

“What we are trying to do is we basically want people to embrace their own talent, we don’t want organisers to bring artistes from outside Uganda come and make money from us. The dress code is ‘Old Timers’.”

Entrance is only 50,000 shillings and come tomorrow as  we celebrate our 54th Independence, all roads lead to Uganda Museum where the rest of the action will take place and one can get tickets at all the Payway branches all over Kampala.

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