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Irene Ntale Finally Quits Swangz Avenue

She has been one of the most popular artistes signed under record label Swabngz Avenue after being nurtured into a superstar. But now Irene Ntale has finally thrown in the towel after a long successful journey with the team. The rumours had started filtering through late last year , but Natle denied everything related to quitting Swangz and even her bosses declared she is ‘here to stay’.

However, the much dreaded official announcement (if you are a big fan of both Ntale and Swangz Avenue) came through a few minutes back, when Ntale posted on social media that she was leaving the Muyenga-based record label which finally puts to rest the rumours that started spreading around the time she was releasing her maiden album.

“My dearest Fans and friends, they say time flies, and today seems like one of those days when one takes it in stride to announce that after a lot of contemplation, I am officially departing from Swangz Avenue!” Irene Wrote on Instagram.

Although Ntale did not state the reason why she was quitting, it is believed that she has been in bad terms with her colleague Winnie Nwagi accusing her (Winnie) of being favoured more by the management at Swangz Avenue despite being more senior at the record label.


Ntale recently released her maiden album 

Some sections of media had even gone ahead to report that the two even had physical confrontations at some point although these allegations were not verified by Chano8 nor any clarification sent  until the time Ntale was officially releasing her ‘Sembera’ album when they ‘cleared the air’ about the whole saga.

In her statement she has thanked the management and her former colleagues for the professional and musical relationship they had at Swangz and chose not to mention names.

“I have made my intentions known to my record label and we have both come to an understanding that this is the best move forward. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Swangz Avenue for the knowledge and experience  I have gained there. I am truly grateful for the time I have spent with the team along with the musical and professional relationships I have built. I believe both Swangz Avenue and I have enjoyed a remarkable partnership.

As always I continue to work hard at my music, to give you my dearests the best I can offer and will also continue to consolidate my presence in the Industry, within Uganda and beyond. New great realises are already on the way only for you! 

Moving forward my bookings can be made through this contact”

Ntale9 CUT

Ntale enjoying her self during a holiday abroad

This comes after just a few hours back after her manger also reportedly showed intentions of joining the music industry as a musician. It is not yet clear what her next move is although she left a contact in case clients want to book her. Swangz avenue are about to release statement of their own concerning the matter.  We wish her the best in her endeavors and will keep you updated on any new developments.

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