Photos: Slaying It While Listening To The Story Tellers At Roast And Rhyme

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

Last Sunday was one of those memorable ones for many people especially party goars as they congregated for the quarterly picnic muchomo and live music  party – Roast and Rhyme ‘Story Tellers edition. First of all, this time round, it was completed dominated by the so called ‘Slay Queens’ who mashed it up in droves.  For those who dont know slay queens, you may need to get more often on social media but we’ll try to help. See, the Slay Queens as they have come to be known in the e-generation, are the socialites or hot babes and mamas who grace social events looking so yummy that, even the latest phones they hold are not good enough to handle their looks that, they keep taking a thousand selfies just to get that one ‘good shot’. painting all events and social gatherings with the hip flowery looks and possessing dope gadgets.

Back to the story, this particular edition of The Roast And Rhyme themed for the Story Tellers brought in pomp and color at the Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo where  all tribes of stories from across the country were served to the guests.The revellers showed up early may be because they were enticed by the free nyama choma coupons for those who turned up before 3pm. Any way some came with their little ones others with their ‘baes’ to listen to the tunes and rhythms  or rather capture the moments on their phones to share with their friends on social media while enjoying drinks.

For some it was still tmusic which was the main attrction while others simply showed up to mix and mingle. The line up of performers was on point. The talented Kenneth Mugabi, ever-green Janzi Band and the beautiful Naava Grey were so awesome that, most of us are still getting to grips of the stories they told. It just keeps re-playing in the head none-stop as new kid on the block YKee Benda fresh from Coke Studio, wrapped it up with yet another energetic live performance as the queens could not hold it any more but ended up next to stage dancing to ‘Muna Kampala’, ‘Farmer’ and ‘Eva’ as they screamed,wriggled and  captured the moment on their smart phones before Janzi returned to close it all at around 10pm. Chano8 as usuall was there to capture the moments through sober lenses. Here are some of the photos from Sunday

Kenneth Mugabi telling his story in his trade mark ‘crying’ style

The Slay queens raided Roast and Rhyme like the world was ending the next day

When there are three ladies and one blesser, tensions run high

The MCs Roger Mugisha and Cleopatra were on top form

Swangz Avenues Benon Mugumbya issue instructions to make sure everything was running smoothly

Apart, together: They were following stories from theri phones

Comedian Salvado Idringi gives Chano8 the thumbs-up

The young ones could not miss the fun

Lining up for free nyama choma

And the nyama choma was enough for all as the say queens enjoyed more

UBL’s Kampala manager Solo Molo (R) with his Congolese friend Vigga De Vigga enjoying the company of a hot slayer


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